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Do you aspire to be a young professional of substance?

Do you know what employers expect of you?

Would you like tips on being professional at work?

Employers believe that young people need more support in their transition from education to work. Surveys show consistently that a majority of employers do not think that enough graduates are ready for the workplace. They expect new employees to know what being professional means from Day One.

This course helps students, new and early-career graduates to:

  • Recognise why being professional matters to employers
  • Develop and show their professionalism before getting hired
  • Get tips and ideas on how to be professional in today's workplace

The content is presented in multi-media formats, including videos, podcast, self-assessments, articles and blog posts.

A quiz and a worksheet put the learning in your hands - so you can test your recall and apply the learning to your personal circumstances.

You get access to a closed Facebook Group for sharing, discussions, and questions.

AND you get a digital completion certificate that you can automatically upload to your LinkedIn profile.

Take this course if you aspire to be a young professional of substance!

David Shindler

David Shindler


Coaching you to be clearer, more confident and purposeful so you take the job and career actions that are right for you.

David helps you to develop and grow beyond what you think yourself capable - to progress your career, gain a more meaningful future and work identity, or enhance your current job performance.

We all need to learn to leap again and again in our working lives - developing new skills, new knowledge, and adapting our mindset and behaviours for changing personal and business circumstances.

Because the world does not stand still.

Many people later in life say they wished they had known more when they were younger. You can avoid that trap by empowering yourself early on and navigating your career with confidence and skill.

Many people focus on technical skills without embracing the mindset, attitudes and so-called soft skills that are so vital in working life. Soft skills are tough! And they are transferrable.

You will have a more fulfilling and successful working life by investing in lifelong learning and understanding what it takes to be successful.

This course will help you learn to leap as a young professional!

David is a coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, blogger, and author on jobs, careers and employability development.

"David is inspiring and motivating", "trusted", "warm and engaging", "unfailingly professional", "a dream career coach anyone would wish to have" - Students, graduates and coaching clients

Learning to Leap is his metaphor for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional development and nourishment.

Check out his 5-star Amazon book for more on developing what employers value most so you stay employable.

For over thirty years, David has worked across the private, public and non-profit sectors. As an employee, he has been a consultant helping individuals, teams and organisations with their people development; head of organisational research in a police service, and a membership manager with a professional institution. He went independent in 2008.

David's blogging and social collaboration informs and empowers others. Credits include:

  • Quoted in Forbes and MSN via CareerBuilder UK
  • Guardian Careers top 10 for career advice
  • Top careers blogger lists for YouTern, Career Sherpa, HashtagCV, CareerToolkit
  • Regular guest blogger for CareersinGovernment, YouTern, Undergrad Success and many more
  • BBC Radio interviews on leadership
  • Podcast guest for Career Metis, Giraffe CVs, JK Leadership Development, How to Make Partner, Youth Employment UK

He is also a Non-Executive Director of Youth Employment UK, a social enterprise dedicated to tackling youth unemployment and a platform for the voice of young people.

Contact David via his website or via direct message when you connect on Twitter - @david_shindler

Course Includes

1 Video

7 Multimedia

1 Quiz

9 Texts

2 PDFs

1 Disqus

1 Presentation

2.0 hrs